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House Bill 897, passed in 2003 during the 78th regular session of the Texas legislature, provides significant rate relief for small group health insurance in Texas.

H.B. 897 allows small business owners to “band” together in coalitions to purchase group health insurance based on the size of the coalition, not the individual companies.

Small Business Coalitions of Texas is at the forefront of this important legislation. Our organization worked on the regulatory and administrative issues concerning the coalition project for over a year before issuing our first coalition. Small Business Coalitions of Texas is currently assisting small business owners with forming and administering small employer health coalitions all across Texas supported by 
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Small Business Coalitions of Texas, a website, is not an insurance agency or carrier and does not provide insurance products. Small Business Coalitions of Texas is a nonprofit corporation.

Information provided on this website is provided for informational purposes only concerning small employer health coalitions as provided for in the Texas Insurance Code Art. 26.14. Private Purchasing Cooperatives and Health Group Cooperatives.

Health plans provided to Small Employer Health Coalition plans are available only through carriers authorized to operate in Texas by the Texas Department of Insurance and sold only through licensed Texas Insurance agents.; All material and information on this site is subject to change based on the final determination of the application of HB897 by the Texas Department of Insurance and its regulatory staff.